Log in to Sitecore using Single Sign On

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Enable Single Sign On in Sitecore

Single Sign On makes it easier for users to access any application not having to authenticate themselves every time. Once the user log in to the client computer, he/she will be able to access the Single-Sign-On-enabled application directly! This is how to enable Single Sign On in Sitecore!

First use this guide to enable AD-login in Sitecore.

Then we need to enable Windows Authentication on the CMS server. This is because we want to be able to select authentication method on the file.

Use Windows+R to display Run, input appwiz.cpl and tap OK.
Select Turn Windows features on or off.
Select Windows Authentication under Web Server IIS, Web Server, Security.
It takes a while to install. Restart is not needed but do a iisreset to enable it in IIS (Windows+R to display Run, input cmd, select and start as Administrator, type iisreset and Enter.

Then open IIS and browse to your site/sitecore/admin/login.
Shift to Content View.
Select the LDAPLogin.aspx file.
Click the Shift to Features View link to the upper right.
Then the LDAPLogin-aspx file will be visible in the content tree to the left.
Select the file and Authentication icon.

IIS Config

Disable Anonymous Access and enable Windows Authentication on the LDAPLogin.aspx file in IIS.

The super fast ultra convenient auto login feature will now be accessible using this link

In case you want to log in using another user account, the ordinary address still works:

To make it easier for users using the new feature I also added a link to the Single-Sign-On page by editing \Website\sitecore\login\default.aspx

<form id="LoginForm" runat="server" class="form-signin" role="form">

      <div id="login">
              <p><a href="http://wellspectstagecms.astratech.net/sitecore/admin/ldaplogin.aspx" style="color:#289bc8">Click here for auto login</a> using the same credentials as on your client.</p>

          <div class="scLoginFailedMessagesContainer">
Log in to Sitecore using Single Sign On

Log in to Sitecore using Single Sign On

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