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Are you loggin in to a new instance of Sitecore 8.2 and cannot find the Package Designer? I search on Google for a solution but could not find any answers. It was obviously too simple for anyone to bother.

I searched frenetically for it under the Control Panel icon because there you can find the Package Installer. I thought it was some kind of configuration that needed to be done. Like the one you do for making the License number visible under the login page:
Then I search for the Package Designer text in the core database adding &sc_content=core to the URL. There I found the Package Designer item id {584C2F78-42A4-4E46-B5DC-211D245169E9} under the ordinary menu tree. The I figured out that the ordinary menu should be accessible somewhere. Finally I found the Package Designer in Sitecore 8 from the Desktop icon in the Dashboard.

Sitecore Dashboard

Click the Desktop icon on the Sitecore Dashboard.

Now you are back to the ordinary Desktop interface with the Sitecore Start button. There you will find all the tools you are used to!

Package Designer in Sitecore 8

Package Designer in Sitecore 8

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