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Sitecore keyboard shortcut for Display Name

To know the Sitecore Keyboard Shortcuts is great to speed up the work in the CMS. But what about creating your own shortcuts? This is an example how to attach a new keyboard combination to access the Display Name dialog.

I needed an easy access to change item Display Name. The [F2] key is a shortcut to change Item Name. Why not use [Shift] + [F2] to change its Display Name!

Sitecore Keyboard Shortcut F2

Change Item Name in Sitecore using the F2 key.

Sitecore Database

Select the Core Database at the lower right corner in Desktop View.

Search for item {D7A5CA2B-0F98-4B8A-A6FB-EF171A7B1549}

Sitecore s113

Type s113 in the KeyCode field.

Switch back to the Master database.

Select an item and press [Shift] and [F2] at the same time. Now the Display Name dialog should pop up!

Sitecore Shift + F2

Sitecore Shift + F2

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