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Sitecore sites language versions overview

16 maj , 2016  

Web Sites Overview

I just created a simple file using plain html, css and javascript to be able to gather all our language versions of our Sitecore web sites on one plain overview page.

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Secure a Windows Server running Apache XAMPP

16 okt , 2015  

I recently installed a new WordPress website running in XAMPP on a Windows Server. This is how I configured it to pass the Nessus Vulnerability Scanner.

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Upgrade php version in XAMPP

15 okt , 2015  

Updated path to php catalog

I needed to upgrade the bundled php-version 6.5.12 to the latest 6.5.14 due to some security vulnerabilities. This is how I upgraded php in XAMPP to the latest version.

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Sitecore keyboard shortcut for Display Name

23 jun , 2015  

Sitecore Shift + F2

To know the Sitecore Keyboard Shortcuts is great to speed up the work in the CMS. But what about creating your own shortcuts? This is an example how to attach a new keyboard combination to access the Display Name dialog.

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DNS Lookup World Wide

18 nov , 2014  

DNS Lookup

Today I used this neat DNS Lookup World Wide Online Service to check if a newly registered domain name had reached all DNS servers around the world. It is also useful if you change your present domain name to a new one to see the current state of the DNS propagation. Make sure you do a proper 301 redirect as well.

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Disable Anonymous Access to default.aspx in Sitecore

14 nov , 2014   Gallery

Default.aspx Authentication

In the Scaling Guide for Sitecore CMS 7.0 it is recommended to restrict access to the Sitecore CMS Admin on the Content Delivery Servers (Web Front Servers). This can be done either by a IP restriction rule or setting Anonymous Access restrictions to some of the Sitecore folders. I had som issues setting restrictions to the default.aspx file. It was easily solved just if you know how to do it the correct way.

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Enable Language Fallback for Files and Images in Sitecore

10 nov , 2014   Gallery

Sitecore Language Fallback EN

We are using the excellent Language Fallback module from Alex Shyba in one of our Sitecore solutions. I created a language version of an item. All the content in the fields were inherited to the new language version but the images were not visible. This is how to fix it.

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Få igång en laptop som hängt sig

3 jul , 2014  

Har din bärbara dator hängt sig totalt? Går det inte ens att stänga av den genom att hålla nere på/av-knappen en lång stund? Eller startar den inte när du trycker på på-knappen och strömkabeln är i? Kanske kan detta tips hjälpa.

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Site logo in Twenty Fourteen Theme using CSS

30 jan , 2014  


I am working on some customization on the new TwentyFourteen theme from WordPress. I wanted to replace the standard site name text at the top left of the site with a logotype. It is easy to do by editing the header.php file and insert an <img>-element. Then you should first create a child theme and edit a copy of the header.php file in the child theme folder. That way you can always update the original Twenty Fourteen theme in case there are any updates released in the future. Not using a child theme your modifications will be overwritten.
But I wanted to avoid doing modifications to the header.php file and insert a logotype using pure CSS instead. This is the way to do it.

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Utveckling har fått nytt utseende

24 jan , 2014  

Florablad har fått nytt utseende och är numera en responsiv site som anpassar sig efter skärmupplösning och fungerar lika bra på en mobil enhet som en surfplatta eller dator.
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